Syracuse University Orange Girl

You can read more about the tradition that began in 1947 here: Syracuse University’s ‘Orange Girl’ tradition turns 70 (vintage photos).

Another article on the history of the position is found here: SU Magazine

Orange Girl Application Requirements

Please be sure to complete the following requirements before submitting your application. Your packet of materials, including your audition video, should be emailed to no later than February 15. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Timothy Diem ( / (315) 443-5752).

  • Apply to Syracuse University: Application, $75 application fee and SAT Scores are due January 1, 2019
  • Cover Letter: 1 page Cover Letter that expresses who you are, why you want to attend Syracuse University, and why you are interested in becoming the next Orange Girl. Please also describe what you feel you can contribute to the Orange Girl Legacy.
  • Resume: 1 page resume summarizing your twirling experience, accomplishments and awards. Please also include goals you wish to accomplish as the next Orange Girl.
  • References: List of 3 references with contact info and relationship
  • Preliminary Audition Video: Clear video footage of your twirling. This video should include at least one live-recorded performance and should be 3:00-5:00 minutes in length. We do not ask for specific tricks to be performed, but we encourage any novelty twirling (which could include multiple batons, fire baton, strut, etc.)

If you are selected as an Orange Girl finalist, the SUMB will contact you to inform you of the live, on-campus audition to be held in April. All candidates are responsible for travel and lodging expenses.

What is the SUMB looking for in their next Orange Girl?

Key attributes:

  • Someone who shows great showmanship, choreography and performance skills
  • Someone who is a team player and collaborator
  • Someone with confidence and humility
  • Someone who is highly self-sufficient, organized and independent
  • Someone who is able to adapt quickly
  • Someone who shows outstanding representative of our University and Marching Band both on and off the field

Orange Girl Expectations:

  • To attend Band Camp in late August with the SUMB
  • To attend all rehearsals with the SUMB throughout the Fall Semester
  • To attend/perform at all SU campus welcoming ceremonies with the SUMB
  • To attend/perform at all University home football games with the SUMB (which may include an away football game, championship game and/or a bowl game)
  • To attend/perform at (at least) one women’s and one men’s basketball game in the Spring
  • To show satisfactory academic performance in the classroom
  • To represent the University and Marching Band positively and with enthusiasm on and off the field
  • The SUMB will hold auditions for the Orange Girl position annually in the Spring


  • The SUMB will cover the cost of the Orange Girl’s equipment (batons, shoes, warm ups, SU approved costume and baton bag) 
  • The Orange Girl will receive the Janet Kay Smith Feature Twirler Scholarship